Mindport Sentriq and Baltimore tie up online media security

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Mindport Sentriq is to integrate Baltimore security into its Internet media products to enable the secure delivery of view-on-demand content online.

The integration of the Baltimore UniCert PKI system will allow digital content to be securely streamed over the Internet, so that content providers can offer video-on-demand, e-music and pay-per-view media content. This solution will also open up vast resources of material only available through traditional TV and video rental outlets at the moment.

“The Internet coupled with digital video technology is set to transform the entertainment industry. Security, in particular authentication of users, is critical to make this happen,” said Mitch Webster, chief operating officer of Mindport Sentriq. “This will allow more consumers to access video content more quickly and cost-effectively over the Internet.”

The combined solution will allow the use of digital certificates and signatures to attest to the identity of users and devices for the secure delivery of pay media content online. Baltimore UniCert is an award-winning PKI system used in eSecurity solutions worldwide for eBusiness and enterprise systems.

The Mindport Sentriq range is tightly integrated into media infrastructures and allows for hardware- and software-based PKI authentication of viewers.

“Strong authentication of the end-user is key to the delivery of new digital content over broadband networks such as DSL and cable. Baltimore eSecurity technology provides this foundation of trust by binding a user’s identity to their digital certificate,” said Peter Doyle, vice president of marketing at Baltimore Technologies.

About Mindport Sentriq
Mindport, a technology subsidiary of MIH, is delivering on its vision to establish global security solutions for secure content and revenue. As a word leader in media commerce solutions, Mindport has enabled platform and channel operators to maximize eBusiness opportunities for more than 15 years.
Drawing upon this expertise in anti-piracy systems and conditional access technology, Mindport Sentriq, a business unit of Mindport, combines experience and intellectual capital for the development of content security to meet the challenges of distributing pay media. Mindport Sentriq is headquartered in Carlsbad, California, USA.
Mindport currently has 450 employees in the Netherlands, China, United States, South Africa, Normal, India and Australia.

About Baltimore Technologies
Baltimore develops and markets security products and services to enable companies to develop trusted, secure systems for eBusiness, the Internet and mobile commerce. Its products include a wide range of Public Key Infrastructure products and services, wireless security solutions, cryptographic tool-kits, access control and authorization, content security, security applications and hardware cryptographic devices. Baltimore’s global professional services organization offers a wide variety of consulting, training and deployment support. It markets its solutions worldwide directly and through the TrustedWorld channel program. TrustedWorld includes many of the world’s leading technology companies and a wide variety of global, regional and local business alliance partners.

The company employs 1,000 people worldwide and operates from over 30 cities, with headquarters in Dublin, Ireland; London, UK; Boston, USA and Sydney, Australia.


Mindport Sentriq


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