MM groupchooses Aspect Customer Relationship Portal

26th Sep 1999

In a recent announcement, CRM solutions provider Aspect Communications Corporation has revealed its first UK implementation of the Aspect Customer Relationship Portal. In a deal worth more than £700,000, or approximately US $1.13 million, MM Group, one of the UK’s leading direct communications service companies, will be the first UK customer to use this solution.

The implementation, which is due to go live before the end of 1999, will provide MM Group with the ability to consistently manage customer interactions across multiple channels of contact including the telephone, fax, Web and e-mail. The Aspect Customer Relationship Portal allows customers contacting a company to be connected to the right resource, with the right information, and enables agents to have the data available to treat each customer as an individual regardless of the means of communication.

“Customer satisfaction is key to our clients,” said Ian Hughes, group marketing director of MM Group. “Their customers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and are using a number of different means to contact them. The trick to keeping these customers satisfied is to ensure all this contact is consistent, no matter what channel they use. So when a customer contacts you by e-mail one day and phone the next, they come away with the same favorable impression of your company.” Hughes continues, “This is the ideal we envision for our clients and Aspect can help us achieve this.”

David Parcell, vice president of EMEA for Aspect, said, “The Aspect Customer Relationship Portal makes mixed-media contact centers a reality. Agents can now handle inquiries in real time across all media. MM Group will be the first company in the UK to experience these benefits.”


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