‘Mobile revolution’ powers up on the road

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Hotdesking, teleworking and virtual offices are leading to a sharp rise in demand for storage peripherals from corporates.

The number of storage and multi-media devices bought by corporates rise by 16% in the past six months, according to SmartDisk Europe.

“Obviously this trend is great news for us,” said Grant Morgan, managing director at SmartDisk, “but also means that mobile working is becoming a reality rather than being a pie in the sky concept,” he added.

The company, which manufactures external storage products and portable solutions, has found that organisations are buying laptops rather than PCs. This has led to the bulk-buying of CD and Zip drives as IT departments try to standardise on equipment used by employees on the road.

While such devices continue to be popular amongst consumers, the demand from start-up companies in particular suggests that many companies are now developing mobile as well as corporate storage strategies.

“For some time now there has been talk of the ‘mobile revolution’ but there has been little evidence to suggest that it’s really taking hold,” said Morgan. “Clearly it’s now being taken seriously by corporates who are trying to take control of mobile computing from the outset.”

“We’re finding that most demand is coming from start-ups who are in temporary offices and whose employees are constantly on the move. They also invest in the more sophisticated, durable products.



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