More for less, promises Microsoft
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It’s all about doing more with less, according to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at the kick off for the latest version of Windows.

According to Ballmer, Windows Server 2003 means developers can build applications in half the time, at twice the performance. Moreover they will be 30 per cent more efficient to manage than software running on previous versions of Windows.

In addition to 32- and 64-bit versions of the operating system, Microsoft also released a 64-bit version of its SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition database software, and Visual Studio .Net 2003, a new version of its software-development tools. The new Windows server includes version 1.1 of Microsoft's .Net Framework, the first time the runtime environment for .Net apps has shipped inside Windows.

With more than one million beta copies of the software released, Microsoft is claiming more than 10,000 production deployments of Windows Server 2003, including Honeywell, and the London Stock Exchange. But the company doesn’t expect to see Windows 2003 generate “meaningful” revenue until fiscal 2004.

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