Motive hits the broadband fast lane
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Intelligent service company Motive Communications has lifted the lid on its new Communications Service Solution for dial-up, DSL, cable and wireless broadband technologies. The release also supports e-commerce capabilities, enabling providers to acquire subscribers and activate new services, increasing revenue per subscriber.

The service platform can be extended to include new products, such as gaming, digital set-top boxes, iTV, and peripheral devices such as music players, cameras and printers. Providers can then deliver service to subscribers using different devices or different access technologies from a single intelligent service infrastructure. This so-called "any-band" capability in theory means providers can consolidate service operations for multiple offerings, increasing service efficiency and capacity.

Motive's solution consists of four out-of-the-box "Service Assistants" that are engineered for rapid deployment. Each assistant addresses specific parts of the full customer lifecycle. Ordering Assistant ensures subscriber targets are met for online and retail initiatives by accurately qualifying customers, thereby reducing abandoned orders and improving the ordering process. One click pre-qualification verifies that the consumer's PC meets minimum system requirements, while fast answers are embedded into the ordering process to reduce order abandonment and order-related support calls.

Activation Assistant gets revenue-generating subscribers activated by providing a consistent installation process for both consumers and technicians to follow, and automatically configuring subscribers' customer premises equipment (CPE) for broadband services. The assistant notifies the provider's server of successful installs for reporting, provides a customisable workflow to enable the provider's provisioning process, and tightly integrates with e-Service tools for ongoing customer care.

Broadband/Dial Technician addresses cost saving and subscriber retention goals by guiding both customers and analysts through the troubleshooting process - eliminating most calls and resolving calls faster. This capability provides a unified interface for troubleshooting and account management services, while offering out-of-the-box solutions for connectivity, email problems and common PC maintenance issues. The assistant also enables providers to exchange data with key partners in the broadband delivery chain and to deliver targeted alerts about known problems based on who the subscribers are and what they are trying to do.

Service Management Assistant ensures customer loyalty by solving common 'how-to' problems through guided resolution, or a "wizard-like experience," for processes such as creating email accounts and managing other value added services.

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