Motorbike safety radios overtake the opposition
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Motorola has begun delivery of a motorcycle safety radio that has both data connectivity and encryption.

The Tetra (TErrestrial Trunked RAdio) mobile radio ensures that all front liners are on one integrated communications system, and the Motorola MTM300 interfaces the various motorcycles, helmets, speakers and microphones.

The police in the UK Channel Islands have already installed the new radio in their motorbikes. A spokesperson said that they were delighted with its overall performance, that the appearance of the control head was excellent, and it was easy to operate with gloved hands. The display of the control head in different light conditions received top marks in the police feedback report to Motorola. “This product has been long waited, and we have been delighted to have the opportunity to use it’.

The radio has all the standard Tetra features, including group, individual, interconnect and emergency alarm/call, status messaging and direct mode. It supports Air Encryption (TEA1 and TEA2) and packet data operation. The alphanumeric display shows unit and talkgroup identities, status, short messaging and display icons and menus, with multi-lingual support. The unit has a full keypad - well spaced for gloved users - for numeric dialing, and a unique volume knob which is easy to use in all conditions.

The MTM300 complies with all statutory and performance requirements, including EMC, EME and the European Automotive directive ensuring vehicular safety when operating the radio. The unit is shock and vibration resistant to MIL STD 810 C,D, and has a IP65 environmental rating.

Motorola provides integrated communications solutions and embedded electronic solutions. Sales in 1999 were $33.1 billion.



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