Motorola and ICS make peace
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Motorola and Integrated Circuit Systems have settled Motorola’s lawsuit against ICS and several engineering managers who left Motorola to join ICS. Motorola filed suit in Arizona state court in July 1999, after managers and employees of its Timing Solutions Operation left to found a new ICS business unit.

Motorola alleged that ICS had hired the employees to gain access to Motorola technical and business trade secrets and that the departed managers had breached fiduciary duties and misappropriated trade secrets. The defendants denied the allegations.

Under the settlement reached today, Motorola agreed to dismiss its lawsuit in exchange for the defendants’ agreement to make an undisclosed monetary payment, to refrain from using or disclosing Motorola confidential information, and, for limited time periods, to refrain from using certain design technologies, to restrict further hiring and solicitation of Motorola employees, and to grant Motorola certain rights to use certain ICS intellectual property.


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