Navision at CRM 2002
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Navision will be showing Navision Axapta and Navision Attain, its cost effective and adaptable business solutions. Both have seamlessly integrated CRM applications as part of the business solution, operating from a single database to suit the diverse requirements of small to medium sized companies. Companies that have purchased Navision’s integrated CRM applications include Corgi Classics, Roneo Systems Furniture, Actamed, All Ireland Group and IP Access.

Navision Axapta is an ERP and e-business solution ideal for Sales Management, Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, Business Analysis (OLAP), Document Management, Telemarketing with CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) and online questionnaires.

Navision Attain contains two integrated front-office applications: CRM - Marketing & Sales and CRM - Service, covering Contact Classification, Campaign Management, Document Management & Interaction log. It also includes Opportunity Management and in Service for Service Order Management, Service Contract Management, Planning & Dispatching and Job scheduling.

In addition to CRM, the functionality within Navision Axapta and Navision Attain includes Financial Management, Manufacturing, Distribution, e-Collaboration, and Human Resource Management. Having a fully integrated solution means lower cost of software, implementation, customisation, maintenance and support, plus there are no costs or complications of integrating software from different vendors.

"We believe that the most optimal control of the flow from supplier through to customer is achieved when user companies can integrate their back and front office applications and processes. This is provided by both Navision Attain and Navision Axapta which deliver to mid-range companies ERP, e-business and CRM in one," says Ole Hansen, Sales & Marketing Director, Navision UK.

Navision Attain

Navision Attain is a cost effective, end-to-end business solution that is integrated, upgradeable and adaptable for all small to medium sized companies. It is a well-proven and stable solution that builds and expands on the strong foundation of Navision Financials, used by over 1,100 customers in the UK. Navision Attain includes two fully integrated front-office applications - CRM - Marketing & Sales and CRM - Service. Both are ideally suited to distributors and manufacturers that have close, service-intensive relationships with their customers.

CRM - Marketing & Sales covers the needs of companies with a customer-centric approach to their business, allowing them to store all the information about their contacts in one place. The target market for the application is medium-sized companies with little or no experience within the CRM area. Being scalable and easy-to-customise, the application can grow as the customer grows.

CRM – Service is a complete after-sales service product integrated with Navision Attain. It includes features such as service orders, service contracts, planning and dispatching. CRM – Service makes providing customers with superior service profitable. Operations become more cost-effective because users can maintain tighter controls on inventory. Users can also identify non-profitable, obsolete and unreliable parts and service items, predict spare-part requirements and availability for specific work orders, and automate time-consuming and costly processes.

Navision Axapta

Incorporating advanced technology, Navision Axapta is a powerful, highly scaleable and flexible ERP and e-business solution, with CRM functionality providing the following options: Sales Management, Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, Business Analysis (OLAP), Document Management, Telemarketing with CTI and on-line questionnaires.

The Sales Management module enables high levels of efficiency between sales and marketing managers and their teams. Key capabilities provided include managing the activities of individual sales people and teams, establishing and maintaining a sales pipeline, analysing sales data and generating sales reports.

The Sales Force Automation module provides a wide range of powerful capabilities for managing customers and activities throughout the entire sales cycle. The module enables companies to establish ‘best practice’ sales processes that help increase sales results and optimise sales costs.
The Telemarketing module is ideal for sales and marketing organisations that want to leverage customer data in Navision Axapta. The module can be used for a variety of activities including sales-lead generation, customer surveys, inside sales, direct marketing campaigns, customer support and more. Key capabilities provided by the Telemarketing module include: Creating call list from contacts in Navision Axapta, distributing and managing calls among a group of callers, executing calls efficiently using the telemarketing window and integrating with phone system using CTI and TAPI technology.

System requirements

Navision Axapta works with Microsoft SQL Server 7.0/2000.
Operating systems: Client - Windows 98/2000/NT;
Server - Windows NT/2000, Microsoft SQL 2000, XP, Oracle.
Navision Attain works with Navision proprietary database or Microsoft SQL Server. Operating systems: Client - Windows 2000/NT (Intel), XP; Server - Windows NT and Unix (IBM AIX, SINIX).

About Navision

Navision a/s is the leading global provider of integrated software solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Navision’s software solutions are sold through an extensive network of more than 2,300 partners. Worldwide, Navision has sold more than 133,000 solutions. The main product lines include Navision Axapta®, Navision Attain®/Navision Financials® and Navision XAL®. Navision has 1,200 employees and subsidiaries in 30 countries. The company is listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange (CSE: NAVI). Navision’s corporate headquarters are located in Vedbaek, Denmark. You can learn more about Navision a/s on the Internet at

For further information, please contact:
Chris Rawson, PR Consultant - tel: 020 7609 0515
mailto:[email protected]
Louise Bransby-Zachary, Navision UK - tel: 020 8236 5165
mailto:[email protected]

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