NCR releases Optimizer software

8th Aug 1999

NCR Corporation has developed a new generation of CRM software called NCR Relationship Optimizer, which it's billed as  the nearest thing to real-time management of customer communications and touch points.

The software begins with a detailed analysis of a customer's behaviour, and allows marketing campaigns to be customer event driven rather than product-focussed or adapted to anticipated consumer preferences.

"Many strategic CRM initiatives fail to deliver because they don't bridge the gap between customer analysis and customer interaction," said Gareth Herchel, Gartner Group research analyst and author of The Overlooked Element of CRM. "Relationship Optimization Software is a new breed of CRM solution that will help organisations make that vital link, enabling them to match their resources with customer needs."

With the use of five key aspects, NCR Relationship Optimizer provides a complete CRM solution across all types of customer channels such as the Web, call centres, ATMs, or field sales. It uses event detection, communication prioritisation, individual consumer dialog management, workflow management, and can handle the complexity of performing these tasks on a daily basis.

The software enables a business to respond to changes in customer behaviour with targeted communications, and can then record, analyze, and react to each consumer's unique response. NCR claim their product will enable companies to target vast numbers of consumers with individual offerings at the appropriate time and through the consumers' preferred channels, allowing communications to be properly timed and relevant.

Mark Hurd, senior vice-president of NCR's National Accounts Solutions Group explained that "NCR believes true customer relationship management enables an interactive, two-way dialogue with consumers via the Web and other avenues. NCR's Relationship Optimizer software allows businesses to manage millions of simultaneous consumer communications every day."

NCR worked closely with the National Australia Bank -- now the most profitable bank in the country -- during the development of Relationship Optimizer, which is available as either a stand-alone product, or as part of a NCR's integrated CRM solutions for the financial, communications, insurance and airline industries.

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