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We have developed a new .NET Customer Care/Help Desk product for small and medium sized businesses and would like feedback on our product and the proper place and message to attract our target customers. More info on LGX Customer includes:

Modules include:

LGX Issue - An “Issue Tracking System” that provides end-users, technicians, support team, and managers a workflow system to enter, organize, assign, forward, search, and track issues.
LGX Discussion - A “Discussion Board” that helps everybody to collaborate: Create topics in different categories. Post questions or reply to others. Search and archive messages
LGX Document - A “Document Sharing System” that helps users to post and organize documents within different categories and folders. Define the publishers and reviewers and search for them in different ways
LGX Change - A “Change Management System” that helps technicians and support team to enter and publish the changes. End-users will be able to see the reports and changes.
LGX Knowledge - A “Knowledge Base” system that organizes the information such as online help documents, FAQs, and papers. It also allows readers to rate the articles and post their comments.
LGX Admin – The central administration for LGX Customer. Adding users, assigning roles, managing the reference tables, monitoring the activity logs are among the features.

Some common features to the modules are:

Single Sign-on Availability – By logging into the LGX Customer Portal users can pass from module to module

Web-based - No deployment issues on the client machines, common user interface
XML-based - The product source code is XML, an open, industry standard language

100% Customizable - Use an easy to use and easy to learn Model Driven Development graphical SDK to customize and maintain the application.

Configurable - You have total control of the key management information (e.g. users, projects, companies, profiles).
Role-based security - Different user roles determine the pages, fields, actions and even data that may be available.

Bill Kotraba


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