Net liars face jail in Malaysia
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According to a story published on Ananova, the Malaysian government has vowed to imprison anyone spreading lies or making threats on the internet.

The web is increasingly used as an anti-establishment propaganda tool in Malaysia. Chia Kwang Chye, the Multimedia Ministry Parliamentary Secretary, has said that offenders could be liable for fines of up to 50,000 ringgit (around $14,442 or £8,700) and jailed for one year.

Chye’s comments were made in answer to a question on what the government proposed to do about an Islamic militant cult that had used its web site to call for a holy war in Malaysia. Members of the cult raided two military bases in the north earlier this month, using the stolen weapons to keep the army at bay for four days. They tortured and killed two hostages before surrendering.

The government is encouraging the use of computers and high-speed data circuits in its attempt to make the country more competitive, but the backlash is that dozens of protest web sites have been launched .



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