New CRM module captures ‘frontline’ customer feedback
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Companies can now gather point-of-sale feedback from any outlet - eliminating the risk of lost customer information.

Swallow Information Systems has introduced Charter frontline, which captures everyday contact between customers and employees. Staff can update information or create new entries, which are automatically downloaded to a central database. Corporate offices can then view the information.

The module also improves targeted marketing techniques for individual customers and remote sites. Employees can view customer contact records instantly and respond accordingly. It will also allow businesses to identify trends in the types of contact.

“Most ‘bricks and mortar’ companies do not capture customer feedback at every business outlet,” said Andy Hunter, Swallow CEO. “This additional information is essential to determine the right marketing, sales and customer service initiatives.”

“Charter frontline can capture an instant impression of a customer’s view that isn’t always conveyed through other channels. This is really valuable information that companies can use to provide a more personal response,” added Hunter.

Swallow products are used by some of the world’s best-known consumer brands including McDonald’s Restaurants, Toyota Europe, BT Cellnet, Tefal UK, Rowenta, Staples, Wickes Building Supplies, Harrod’s and WHSmith High Street. It is also used in nearly half of the UK’s rail companies and other leading organisations in the travel industry.

The company was founded in 1990, with corporate offices in Surrey, UK, and Beverly, Massachusetts, US.



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