New CRM software makes things personal in every way
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NCR’s new CRM solution lets marketers engage in personalized dialogues with their customers across all channels, including web sites, kiosks, ATMs, call centers and emails. It is the first to unify its Relationship Optimizer product line with that of Ceres, which NCR acquired in April.

This clever software can determine which products drive the sales of other products. For example, a company can find out whether a drill buyer is purchasing the accessories for that drill over time; and if not, create campaigns to increase purchases.

The application can escalate offers through a number of steps across many channels. For example, a bank’s campaign might start by making an offer through an ATM, a very low cost route to the customer. If after, say, 10 days there is no response, the system might try again. If, after another 10 days, there is still no response, the system could make a judgment, based on the value of the customer, whether to try a higher-impact channel, such as a call center. High-value customers might get the offer one more time, through a personal call from their branch manager.

“Making good use of marketing dollars when your company sells a large variety of products across many distribution channels is already a challenge,” said Peter Heffring, president of NCR CRM division, and founder of Ceres. “It’s getting harder as companies expand into new channels and new products.”

NCR Corporation provides Relationship Technology solutions to customers worldwide in the retail, financial, communications, manufacturing, travel and transportation, and insurance markets. The company employs 31,900 in 130 countries, and is a component stock of the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index.



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