New MD lambasts CRM suppliers
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At a conference in London, UK, organised by the Economist, Lorna Rowland, the new MD of G2E, was strongly critical of the way in which CRM suppliers operate.

She fired a shot across their bows for failing to deliver effective CRM solutions to their UK corporate clients, saying:

• CRM must be viewed as a permanent revolution and suppliers and clients developing systems and applications must plan for continuous development.

• No CRM project can be viewed as a finite task with a start and end date. The pace of development is such that as one project ends, another must begin if the company is to retain competitive advantage.

• CRM projects must develop at web speed, not at the pace of traditional IT projects.

• All development capabilities must be under one roof, from consultancy and design through to development and roll-out.

• CRM suppliers need to shift up a gear, ditching their traditional ways of doing business and implementing a more agile business strategy.

• CRM suppliers cannot be tied to the products of one – or even a few – hardware and software vendors if they are to cope with the pace of development.

• Technology must take a back seat in determining what type of system a company requires. The customer-focused solution must come first. Technology should be seen solely as the mechanism to deliver this vision.

Earlier in Rowland’s career she was:
* head of the Strategy and eCommerce practice for Axon Group
* CEO of the Genesis Group, a Californian-based company specialising in CRM and eBusiness strategy
* global change manager for the BOC Group
* head of operations for Psygnosis, the games division of Sony.

G2E is the specialist CRM group within Getronics, one of the world’s top five ICT companies.


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