Nice solution for executives to understand the customers’ view
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Nice Systems has released a new suite of applications and contact centre management tools for customer experience management (CEM).

The solutions, which enable contact centres to capture, evaluate, analyse and improve multimedia customer interactions, are the following applications and services:
• Customer Contact Analyzer - a powerful web-based data mining application, CCA delivers the actual recorded customer interactions associated with the queried data.
• CustomerSat Web Survey - a web-based survey tool, CWS enables contact centres to compare their agent evaluations with the ultimate verdict of the customer.
• Unicenter TNG for CEM - recognised as the standard in enterprise management, the system enables secured monitoring and maintenance of Nice enterprise solutions.
• Digital Extension Loggers - these eliminate the need for digital-to-analogue conversion at the telephone extension, therefore reducing wiring needs and cost.

“We are delivering on the new strategy of customer experience management,” said Lior Arussy, senior vice president, global marketing for the Nice CEM division. “CEM is more than just recording, it is the next evolutionary step beyond CRM, one that is focused on building lasting customer loyalty.”

Union Pacific Railroad has utilised Nice solutions and has seen new efficiencies and improvements in the customer contact centre. Project manager Eric Wainz said: “With CCA, we troubleshoot and research abandoned calls to determine the root cause for customer dissatisfaction. The CEM platform provides the information for identifying strengths and weaknesses, whether applications-, agent- or business-related.”

Nice Systems’ CEM division serves over 3,000 customers at 8,000 sites in 67 countries. Headquartered in Ra’anana, Israel, Nice’s subsidiaries and local offices are based in the United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom and France.



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