Ogilvyone buys CRM consultancy to get CMAT

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OgilvyOne has acquired CRM consultancy QCi Assessment Ltd. QCi’s core product, CMAT will be adopted as a key component of the OgilvyOne CRM consulting practice.

Nigel Howlett, chairman of OgilvyOne London and Paul O’Donnell, executive vice president of international development at OgilvyOne Worldwide, have joined the board of QCi Assessment.

David Graham moves from QCi to head OgilvyOne’s CRM consultancy practice in the UK.

Through CMAT QCi provides an objective and cost-effective benchmarking process, which helps companies identify and prioritise actions which bring practical and profitable enhancements to their CRM activity.

CMAT helps companies to benchmark themselves against competitors and best practitioners in all aspects of customer management. This is used to develop a road map to support successful project implementation.

With seven out of 10 CRM projects destined to fail, CMAT will become a powerful weapon in OgilvyOne’s world class CRM armoury.

QCi will continue to operate as an independent consultancy in addition to its role with OgilvyOne. Its consultants, partners and clients will be able to draw upon the broader communications skills of OgilvyOne.

OgilvyOne Worldwide will support the launch of QCi operations this year in the US, Germany, Spain, France, Singapore and Hong Kong. By 2003 it is anticipated that QCi will have a presence in a further 15 markets.

QCi’s work reveals that the overriding trend is one of significant lost opportunity in almost all blue chip companies across the globe in terms of customer management professionalism. Most companies are struggling to identify how and where to invest in customer management within their business.

QCI research indicates that, together, the top 10% companies in Europe and US could save costs or generate revenue in excess of $21 billion with more effective customer management systems.

According to Neil Woodcock, most companies fail to formally recognise the key processes that impact on the way customer relationships are managed. He believes that: “Far too many companies are relying on shrunk-wrapped IT solutions when they should be looking intelligently at the customer management process across their whole enterprise.

Some of the most common problem areas include; poor analysis, planning, day-to-day execution, inappropriate use of systems, an over-focus on systems, under-investment in people and change, low quality data, weak processes, lack of understanding of the customer experience and either poor or absent measurement.”

According to Woodcock there remains a huge gap between intention and reality. “Through CMAT we’ve discovered that 67% of companies fail to provide clear, visible leadership in customer management and in 75% of organisations the senior management team have no regular direct customer contact.”

OgilvyOne Worldwide chairman and CEO Reimer Thedens said: “CMAT will add a significant new dimension to our CRM offer. Clients are increasingly questioning the investments that they have made in ‘big-bang technology’ which all too often fails to deliver all the hoped for gains in productivity and profit.

"CMAT allows us to offer clients a practical route to build on their CRM investments by adopting proven best practices and measuring their performance against best-in-class firms.”

QCi’s existing partnership and distribution arrangements with companies like Consignia, IBM, Royal & Sun Alliance, Acxiom, and NCR, will be unchanged as a result of this transaction.




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