Oklahoma opts for Oracle for citizen portal

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The Oklahoma Department of Commerce has deployed Oracle-based portal technology in order to offer services to its constituents as well as companies interested in investing in Oklahoma.

Jeff Longwell, business development leader for the project's systems integrator, said: “The state had some unique business requirements, which is why the ultimate choice was a portal solution versus something that was pre-packaged and would have to be customised."

The role of the Oklahoma Department of Commerce is to create jobs and stimulate investment into the state. The Department realised it needed to integrate its constituent information across the different divisions because in the past multiple project management systems in stand-alone databases tracked activities for each division, with no easy way for one division within the department to coordinate with others. Inevitably the maintenance and management of data had become time-intensive and ineffective.

Operational since mid-January the Oracle-based portal is used to integrate data from the different divisions into one centralised database management system. The portal can generate a variety of reports, with various levels of security available, according to the level of information being accessed and the particular staff user.

It also offers an online licensing system which helps business users determine their needs through an interactive question-and-answer session regarding particular activities. Via links to the various agencies issuing the licenses, a user can obtain application forms from the portal site.


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