Olympics ask Jeeves for customer self service

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With the Winter Olympics just around the corner, the technology vendors are beginning to lift the lid on their own role. First up is Ask Jeeves, which is providing a self-service application called JeevesOne for the official web site of the Olympics.

The site had to be able to handle sophisticated customer service and other front-office operations in an intuitive fashion. JeevesOne was launched in September as a self-service application for corporations. Chief among its features is its ability to field and answer questions in a natural language -- that is, "plain English" -- format.

The application also had to offer strong multilingual capabilities. Currently the site is in French and English, the two official languages of the IOC, but other languages are likely to be added.

The software also will help the IOC gather customer analytics data, by tracking and then aggregating users' questions. This information will allow the IOC to monitor site behavior, identify content holes and understand overall trends.

JeevesOne can handle more than 250 document formats and offers 14 different reports for analyzing customers' questions, the company said. It can also be integrated with existing CRM systems and the Vignette content publishing system.


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