Online commerce is the ‘black hole of UK industry’
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UK e-business is set for a shake-up following the launch of i.Decide Web Success, a web usage and behaviour analysis solution from Informix.

Companies with an Internet presence can now analyse website activity and develop profiles of customer behaviour, product revenue, marketing campaign success and consumer trends.

i.Decide Web Success collects data from website hits, and matches it with information from traditional sources. It can handle anything from 10,000 to one billion hits per day. The data is held in a data mart and manipulated through ‘what if’ analysis. This product goes beyond basic clickstream tracking to provide full path analysis on the large volumes of data generated by websites, which can be up to 13 gigabytes per hour.

Organisations can develop a one-to-one approach to customers by identifying success factors on a website. These include common entry and exit pages, most valuable customers, cross-selling opportunities and layout.

“Companies with an online presence don’t seem to realise that they can access far more customer information than traditional retailers,” said Gilles Azoulay, marketing director at Informix EMEA. “All too often, this data falls into a corporate black hole and is ignored, when it could transform cyber prospects into faithful customers.”

ISPs can use i.Decide Web Success to combine clickstream analysis with customer billing systems, to tell clients what customers do before and after they visit certain websites.

i.Decide Web Success integrates into any existing back-end Web software or hardware and is designed to give answers in seconds. It is 100% JAVA and is optimisable for each customer.



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