Onyx Announces Aspin Global Hosting Initiative

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Onyx Software Corporation, a provider of Web-based CRM solutions, has announced ASPiN, a partner network for delivering hosted front office solutions. ASPiN is a selected group of software, hardware and services companies working together and independently to promote and deliver a wide-ranging set of unique hosted offerings based on the Front Office product family.  Partners include: Breakaway Solutions, Eggrock Partners, Foreshock, FutureLink, Interliant, Packeteer, StrataSource, and Unisys New Zealand.

The formation of ASPiN represents the second phase of Onyx Software's ASP strategy. The company is the founding member of the ASP Industry Consortium and first entered the ASP market more than a year ago. According to the software company, despite the ASP market's infancy, the number of their ASP customers is increasing rapidly and they have participated heavily in promoting the value of ASP solutions which include reduction of risk, rapid delivery, lower IT costs, increased reliability and lower total cost of ownership. Moving into their third phase of the ASP program, Onyx have said they will make hosted options available to every customer regardless of where they buy, who provides implementation services, and whether they want to pay up front from capital budgets or on per-month, per-user expense basis.

"We are pleased to work with a network of best-of-class ASP partners who can deliver the benefits of Onyx's e-business solutions to more companies on their terms. Considering the increased pull from the market for hosted CRM options, we are confident that ASPiN gives customers excellent alternatives in deployment of their CRM solution. Customers can outsource all, or part, of their CRM system and services, including infrastructure, customization, implementation and support services, and have options for how they want to pay for it," said Ric Merrifield, director of outsourced applications for Onyx Software, and education committee chair for the ASP Industry Consortium.

"We are excited about our success as an early ASP partner with Onyx and the added flexibility we have been able to offer customers for application support and hosting with our eCo-Solutions offerings," said Maureen Ellenberger, CEO, Eggrock Partners. "DataSage, one of our first customer sites to go live with hosted Onyx Enterprise Portal is already reaping the benefits of being able to get up and running quickly with a 100 percent Web CRM solution and no IT headaches."

Merrifield added. "Many CRM solutions out there are not going to make it in a hosted environment either because they require too much customization and maintenance by the ASP partner, or because the product can't be hosted in a Web environment. Onyx has built its front office portal for the Web and is well suited for any size company, which means that a customer can rent our applications and scale them as the company grows, or they can start out with full-scale use across sales, marketing and customer service. Regardless, they are going to be up and running quickly and can focus on their core business rather than focusing on implementing and maintaining their system."


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