Onyx honors outstanding customers at Orlando conference

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Onyx Software has honored the recipients of the first annual achievement awards during the company’s Worldwide Customer Conference in Orlando, Florida. The winning companies, including ChemPoint.com, International SOS, JetForm, Princeton Financial Systems, StorageNetworks and Webhire, were recognized for their exceptional use of Onyx products in achieving significant, measurable results.

Onyx Software CEO Brent Frei said: “Our customers understand that in today's internet economy, dedication to customer satisfaction is vital to staying ahead of the competition.”

The awards were presented during a luncheon where more than 500 Onyx customers and partners from around the world gathered to shape the role of customer-centric e-business solutions.

The winners are:

International SOS, best enterprise-wide usage
Headquartered in Singapore, International SOS is the world’s largest medical assistance company employing more than 2,500 professionals, including over 500 doctors and nurses across five continents. The company operates 24 alarm centers, 17 international clinics and more than 100 remote site operations worldwide. With Onyx, International SOS has ensured that employees have instant access to a complete view of the customer, from anywhere at any time – Indonesia, Spain, Czech Republic, Holland, Russia and South Africa. The Onyx solution is used by 400 personnel in sales, customer support, operations, accounting and management.

Webhire, best use of Onyx for e-Business
Webhire, based in Lexington, Mass., helps employers use the web to post jobs, attract and evaluate talent, and manage the hiring process. By tracking web site activity, the company can obtain detailed information about banner ad hits, the number of visits to the site, the number of leads generated from banner ads and the actual sales the ads produced. Webhire can build a history of its usage with vendors, and negotiate contracts based on facts, not speculation. Webhire has also created a full e-commerce application that is directly tied to its internal Onyx database, so that employees are notified and updated on all customer interactions and purchases.

Princeton Financial Systems, best return on investment (ROI)
Princeton Financial Systems, headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey and an independent subsidiary of State Street Corporation, is a leading provider of investment management software systems and application service provider (ASP) services for institutional investors worldwide. Before Onyx, Princeton Financial Systems was using eight disparate databases across multiple departments to track customer support incidents and data, making basic customer information difficult to easily access or share. Since implementing Onyx in numerous departments including client support, technical support, product management, worldwide sales, legal and marketing, Princeton Financial Systems has improved workflow efficiency, eliminated duplication of data, and improved client and management reporting. During just a three-month time period, Onyx Front Office also enabled Princeton Financial Systems to reduce expenses in open support incidents by seven percent, and the company now receives 20 percent of its support requests via the Web through its SupportCenter.

StorageNetworks, best training program
StorageNetworks, a storage service provider (SSP) for the e-Economy based in Waltham, Mass., grew from 50 to 600 employees in one year. The company enables emerging internet companies, e-commerce companies and established enterprises to store, protect and access information more easily and efficiently.  StorageNetworks needed a comprehensive, enterprise-wide application that could scale to keep up with the company’s fast growth. In just one month and three days, the company trained more than 200 members of staff , including teams from the United Kingdom and Germany, on the new Onyx solution. Total in-class training time lasted a day and a half.

ChemPoint.com, best integration
ChemPoint.com, an online e-distributor of chemical products headquartered in Bellevue, Wash., built an automated business IT infrastructure by integrating applications from nine software companies including Onyx, ePrise, InterWorld, Great Plains, Microsoft and Yantra. ChemPoint.com had identified objectives that included high-touch customer service using an integrated system solution. The company implemented Onyx to provide the workbench for ChemPoint.com’s employees to manage registrations, quotes, orders and general customer service, and facilitate campaigns, registrations and deal with orders.

JetForm, best overall
JetForm, headquartered in Ontario, Canada with locations in 11 countries including Singapore, China and Japan, provides e-process automation tools that streamline interactions with customers, partners and employees. An Onyx customer of four years, JetForm was nominated in three of the six awards categories, including Best Enterprise Usage, Best Integration and Best Training Program. All departments within JetForm use the Onyx solution, including research and development, finance, sales, services, information center, client relations, and customers.

JetForm created a JetForm Order Entry (JOE) system for order tracking. With JOE, orders start in the Onyx database, go through approvals, go to an outsourced fulfilment center for processing, and then back to the solution for completion. At any time during the process, users can see what products the customer owns or the status of a current order. JetForm now has plans to web-enable its system using Onyx.

“We had an impressive amount of interest in the Onyx Achievement Awards, and it’s exciting to know that our customers are so dedicated to servicing their customers at the highest level,” said senior vice president, Eben Frankenberg.

Onyx Achievement Award finalists include: Aames Financial Corporation, Broadwing Communications, Creativepro.com, Enmax, Lightware, Neighborhood Health Plan, and Videotron Business Network.

Onyx Software operates worldwide, supporting large, medium and small companies such as Agile Software, American Express, Broadwing, Commerce One, Credit Suisse, Dreyfus, Ericsson, FirstWorld Communications, Hummingbird, International SOS, NTL Group, Portland Trail Blazers, Prudential Securities, Sierra Health Services, Singapore Cable Vision and US Bancorp.


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