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Onyx Software has recently been busy on the team-building front. The CRM software organisation has announced an alliance with Ericsson to deliver wireless and Internet CRM Solutions, a strategic alliance with Cisco and an alliance with Whittman-Hart to deliver CRM solutions to middle-market companies.

Onyx Software and Ericsson announced a strategic alliance to bring a CRM solution to market that is optimised for wireless, Internet, and call center users. Ericsson Australia recently announced the formation of Customer Conexions - a new business aimed at changing the way companies relate to their customers. Onyx propose that the key offering of Customer Conexions is a convergence of Ericsson's consulting and systems integration expertise, the flexibility of its wireless access technology and the power of mission-critical CRM technologies.

Iain Anderson, Program Director for Application Delivery Strategies, META Group, commented on the partnership saying, " Onyx Enterprise Portal is very complementary with recent Ericsson announcements regarding mobile Internet capabilities and web customer service offerings. Ericsson will gain a leading fully integrated CRM application suite which will expand its telephony-centric offering across the enterprise, presenting a broader target audience and hence a deeper relationship with its client base."

Earlier in the week, Onyx was able to announce that it had joined the Cisco Resource Network.

"Cisco is clearly a visionary when it comes to Internet technologies and we're pleased to be collaborating to provide front office Internet technologies for the Cisco Resource Network. As companies move their businesses out to the Internet, they can have confidence that companies like Cisco and Onyx will be there to support them with programs like this." said Onyx Software President & CEO Brent Frei.

Onyx claim that companies looking for Web-based front office systems will benefit through this relationship by having access to end-to-end software and networking solutions. Selecting the right Web-based front office technology and the right networking technology have historically been two separate decisions. Cisco is purportedly designed so that companies can find both technologies in the same place, reducing the risk and reaching a better decision more quickly.

"We are pleased that Onyx Software has joined the Cisco Resource Network. Onyx has a strong track record of helping its customers achieve their e-business objectives through leading Internet front office technology such as Onyx Enterprise Portal," said Joe Diodati, director of Medium Markets, Cisco's Small/Medium line of business. "By participating in the Cisco Resource Network Onyx is ensuring that its customers are able to easily and quickly implement a complete solution designed to fit their specific needs."

The alliances did not halt there. Whittman-Hart, a provider of enterprise-wide e-business solutions for middle-market companies announced, with Onyx, an alliance to deliver CRM solutions to middle-market companies. Under this alliance, consultants throughout Whittman-Hart's international branch network will help clients implement and support Onyx Front Office and Enterprise Portal.

"The alliance with Onyx Software will help us help our middle-market clients forge lasting, productive partnerships with their customers over the Internet," said Edward Szofer, Whittman-Hart president. "The research we conducted on CRM software showed us that Onyx's Web-based, enterprise-wide solutions deliver real business results and a high level of customer satisfaction."


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