Oracle backs portal initiative
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While the SAP faithful gather in Germany to hear more about the company’s portal strategy, Oracle slipped out a quick spoiler by announcing its sponsorship of OASIS Web services for remote portals technical committee.

The committee is tasked with defining open Web services standards for "remote portlets" -- portlets that can be written once and deployed on any portal application. As a result, portlets should be freely accessible to end users regardless of the portal application they are using. The standardisation should also help increase developer productivity by enabling them to focus on designing content rather than implementing code changes.

Today, portlets -- which are inserted into a portal to provide specific content, services or applications - require code changes each time they are deployed on a different portal application. In addition, users can only create a personalised view of their portal page by deleting or adding portlets from an application-specific portlet directory.

"Open standards-based portlets provide a number of advantages," said Marco Tilli, Vice President of Portal and Hosted Tools at Oracle. "Allowing content providers to host portlets simplifies distribution, maintenance and upgrades. In addition, a distributed portlet environment makes a portal more scalable. “


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