Oracle introduce Market Manager

8th Aug 1999
Oracle have introduced their new CRM tool combined with comprehensive database marketing and campaign management capabilities, allowing identification of account, customer, and household relationships.

Market Manager provides integration with the profitability tools in the Oracle Financial Services suite, and boasts a high degree of accuracy in calculating of account, customer and household profitability, as well as other performance measures. It allows for analysis of accounts, customers and households by specific characteristics - such as demographics, loyalty, types of products and services, and profitability components.

Distilling customer information directly from an organisation's individual accounts, Market Manager identifies customers and households for ongoing CRM activity and offers 'significant end-user control', in which capabilities and parameters are set by users.

The software is designed to identify and target every person or group with a relationship to an organization, and enhance customer information by adding third party data - such as in-depth demographic, psychographic or behavioural attributes. It is described as capable of defining a 'market segment of one' which allows an organisation to match its data against various criteria, including age and income as well as number of accounts and loyalty.

Oracle Market Manager is part of the integrated Oracle Financial Services Applications [OFSA], and while they are designed to be delivered on an integrated basis, Oracle claim that each component can stand alone own as a 'best of breed' solution


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