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Picture imperfect: Why isn't Instagram resonating with brands?

17th Aug 2015
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Instagram may have recently opened up their ads API, but a new report indicates that the social network is failing to resonate with big brands.

Having grown to over 300 million users (14 million in the UK), Instagram has become another key social network for brands to consider launching a presence on. Plus, with the full rollout of sponsored (paid-for) posts on Instagram in August 2015, there’s now the opportunity for brands to guarantee audience-reach, even if they haven’t built up a substantial number of followers. 

However, amidst these developments, new findings indicate that Instagram remains low on the priority list for many brands.

SLP Consulting, in collaboration with The Vision Network, reviewed 35 major brands to understand how they’re using the photo-sharing network, and drew conclusions on where opportunities exist to do more.

And the 2015 Instagram Survey concluded that not only do a significant proportion of brands have no presence on Instagram, but even those brands that do publish regularly are struggling to clearly demonstrate the purpose of their account.

Nonetheless, there are success stories out there, with the FMCG and auto sectors the biggest beneficiaries of the platform. Brands that have demonstrated a particularly good understanding of the platform include L’Oreal Paris, Ford and Specsavers.

Below you can find the results, and draw your own conclusions about whether your brand could benefit from an Instagram presence. 

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