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Pinterest: 13 tips to build your boards and grow your audience

21st Apr 2014
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Pinterest is such a casual platform; it’s easy to sit back, relax and Pin without any goal. Don’t fall into this trap!

Here are some strategic tips to keep in mind when building your boards and growing your audience.

  1. Keep your boards specific – The more specific your board title, the better. This way they’re more likely to appear in relevant search results. For example; if you’re a hair stylist, rather than calling a board ‘wedding hair’ call it ‘wedding hair for brides’. Then you can create another one called ‘wedding hair for bridesmaids’.
  2. Fill your boards – Add enough Pins to your boards to make them look complete (at least five Pins per board). No one wants to look at blank spaces!
  3. Create a ‘top Pins’ board - This tells people your most popular Pins and will encourage them to Pin them too.
  4. Optimise your Pin descriptions - Add your URL in the description of each Pin (if you own the content) to drive traffic back to your website/relevant page. Include keywords and hashtags so your Pins will appear in relevant search results.
  5. Use long tall images – Research shows that tall images get Pinned more frequently and drives more traffic when compared with short images. This is because people need to open them up to see the full image. Infographics of this shape are very popular on Pinterest.
  6. Get a ‘Pin It’ widget on your site – Make sure you have a ‘Pin It’ button on your website so people can Pin your pictures easily. If you have a Wordpress site/ blog you will be able to download a plug in that will put all the social widgets on your site.
  7. Pin your content from other sites – Pin content from other sites such as YouTube and SlideShare. You can do this by adding a ‘Pin It’ button to your bookmark bar. When viewing the content you want to Pin, select the button then add the embed code into the description. This will make the video, slideshow etc live on your Pinterest blog. For example:
  8. Don’t forget to engage! – Reply to comments just like you would on other social platforms. You can also like and repin back to people who like and repin you.
  9. Stalk your competitors – Take a look at what your competitors are Pinning and check out their most popular Pins. Use this as inspiration for your own Pins and boards.
  10. Repin old content – Don’t feel like you can’t repin old content onto other boards. This will increase the chance of it getting Pinned again.
  11. Use analytics – Use Pinterest analytics to track which Pins are most popular. This will allow you to plan ahead and hopefully create more popular Pins more often!
  12. Join group boards – A group board is a board where you, and others that you invite, can add Pins to. This can help build relationships on Pinterest. Invite others to Pin on your board via the board edit options.
  13. Choose the right cover image for your boards – Entice users by using eye-catching cover imagery!

Happy Pinning!

Sarah Kerrigan is the social media manager at the Made Simple Group. This blog originally appeared on MyCustomer sister site

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