Porsche Credit accounting revs up with finance solution

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Porsche Credit has streamlined its financing, processing auto accounts more quickly and profitably with the new Fiserv LeMans system.

The company installed the system in April as it geared up for the 2002 debut of Cayenne, the new sport utility vehicle from Stuttgart, Germany.

“It’s quite an improvement over what we had before,” said Dennis Emanuele, director of credit services at Porsche Credit.

The LeMans Complete Solution for Lease and Loan Portfolio Management is a suite of Windows browser-based products that are fully integrated with LeaseMaster2 and LoanMaster, the LeMans accounting systems. The offerings manage the portfolio from booking through collections, inventory tracking, vehicles sold at auction, recoveries for end-of-term amount, customer service and title management.

“Auto queuing enables us to process the same number of accounts in considerably less time,” said Jim Ray, director of customer services.

One big change for customers is the voice response unit that handles 500 requests for payoff amounts each month. The caller can easily opt out for the human touch, but Porsche Credit says most people appreciate having constant easy access to their information.

“I don’t hear anything,” said Emanuele said, “and when you consider we just installed a completely new system, that’s a good thing.”

Fiserv LeMans is based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. The company is a unit of Fiserv, which serves more than 10,000 financial service providers worldwide, and is headquartered in Brookfield, Wisconsin.



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15th Jul 2016 06:45

This sounds like a great way if not a guaranteed way to make sure that you'll be able to afford a Porsche sometime in your life doesn't it? A lot of people baulk at having to pay for a car from Porsche, despite all the wonderful things that you hear about what its engines can do and how it feels to be driving around in one of their vehicles. But add easy, simple and accessible financing and you'll open up yourself to a world of possibilities!

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