Quadstone Solution Helps Vodafone Gain Customer Insight

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Boston, MA - November 13, 2000 - Quadstone®, a leading provider of customer intelligence software and services for CRM initiatives, today announced that Vodafone UK, part of the Vodafone Group, one of the largest FTSE 100 companies, has installed and implemented the Quadstone System. The Quadstone System will provide Vodafone with a greater understanding of its customers' behaviour.

Vodafone, the most popular mobile phone network in the UK, with more than 10 million customers, purchased Quadstone's solution following a rigorous selection procedure and is implementing it to gain deeper customer insight by analysing its wide-ranging CRM initiatives. By complementing its existing operational CRM solutions with the analytical capabilities of the Quadstone System, Vodafone aims to paint a more vibrant picture of its customers. The company will supplement the customer information it already holds with propensity scores and other behavioural predictions.

"We selected the Quadstone System, over many other leading analytical packages, because of its speed, simplicity of use and its scalability. With the rate that our customer base is growing, we wanted a highly scalable solution that will grow with us. We also wanted to be able to rapidly interrogate our entire database, not just abstract samples, so that we can build up a comprehensive picture of who our customers are and what they are doing," said Christian Taylor CRM program manager, Vodafone UK. "It was the only solution that met our requirements in terms of being able to see every customer record and generate real insight and thus help us make the right future CRM action."

The Quadstone System is proven customer behaviour modelling software that enables companies to segment, profile and understand their customers from data derived across all on line and off-line marketing and customer-contact channels. It allows marketing and business experts to mix their expertise and knowledge with advanced statistical and analytical techniques to deliver the best business results immediately and interactively. It also provides a complete view of the customer, enabling users to develop strategic and highly effective marketing campaigns and thereby to strengthen and grow customer relationships.

"For multi-million customer businesses, such as Vodafone, it poses quite a challenge to gain meaningful insight from the huge amount of data that they hold. For Vodafone this situation is further complicated by the highly competitive nature of the telecommunications industry. It therefore needs to be able to analyze masses of data and react on the results in real time," said Kevin Collins, Quadstone's European managing director. "Our solution delivers what we believe to be the most comprehensive and visual analytical CRM package available today. It will enable Vodafone to segment and profile each and every one of its customers quickly and simply. Furthermore, this process can be driven by marketers, without the need for highly trained statisticians. This will help Vodafone develop more business-focused and thus more profitable marketing campaigns based on a combination of hard data and business acumen of the marketer."

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