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Ray Wang: The Cloud is creating the business models of the future

30th Nov 2012
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“We don't know where the next thing is coming from but we've got to predict where business is going to be in the future.”

So says Ray Wang of Constellation Research, who, speaking at the Business Cloud Summit in London, explained how social, mobile, Cloud, analytics and Big Data, and video and unified communications are converging to drive the next set of change.

“It’s at the intersection of these five that disruption happens,” he explained.

Using an example of augmented reality, he added that Cloud changes business’ ability to deliver outcomes for their customers. “Today, in the world of transactions, we’re moving rapidly towards a world of engagement. And context is going to become critically important when this change happens. You can take the Cloud and use it to improve engagement.”

Cloud drives the shift from software to information-based business models, he adds. “It [Cloud] shifts all efforts to value-added solutions.”

So how can businesses begin creating the next business model and delivering that content?

“Align your business strategy with your technology strategy,” said Wang. “The consumerisation of IT means you must create a balance between consumer technology versus enterprise class. Business wants simple, scalable and sexy; whilst IT wants safe, secure and sustainable. Neither can win by going it alone.”

That’s your biggest challenge, make those two work together, he says. Cloud will play a pivatol role within this relationship and without it you can’t take full advantage. There is a certain level of standardisation that has to happen but all new business models should be considered across three axes: degree of control, complexity of work and level of differentiation. 

“The more you can put on the Cloud, the more time you've got to change your business model and keep up with innovations.

“The future is in Cloud and mobile; you all have a role to play going forward,” he concluded. 


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