Reverse auction tool to help shippers cut costs
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Finding carriers with equipment to handle last-minute shipments is usually a highly ineffective process resulting in significant premiums over negotiated shipping rates.

To address this issue, AT Kearney and eBreviate have announced a new online reverse auction tool to help companies arrange last-minute shipments.

Using Internet negotiation technology developed by eBreviate, the tool allows carriers to bid online for the shipment. AT Kearney and eBreviate estimate the reverse auction will reduce costs by 8–10%, while substantially improving the carrier’s access to available shipments.

Shippers are also spared the time and expense in matching capacity with available shipments at the last minute. Depending on a company’s logistics team, this can be equal to the savings on the shipping itself.

“This collaboration addresses the entire transportation sourcing process where the core-carrier handles 90% of a company’s transportation load,” said Sarah Pfaff, eBreviate executive vice president of sales, marketing and strategy. “However, to handle cycles in demand this tool seamlessly integrates into core-carrier projects for those inevitable exceptions.” We’re pleased to have joined with AT Kearney to develop this auction tool that will handle both spot and long-term contracts.”

Initially designed for truckload-based shipments, the tool will be expanded to support less-than-truckload, air, rail and ocean container shipments as well.

About AT Kearney
AT Kearney is one of the world’s largest management consulting firms. With a global presence that includes 59 offices in 35 countries, the firm provides strategic, operational, organizational and information technology consulting and executive search services to the world’s leading companies. AT Kearney is the management consulting subsidiary of EDS.

About eBreviate
eBreviate, an EDS company, is located in Walnut Creek, California, with regional offices in Plano, Texas and London, UK. Its integrated and automated eSourcing tools take out time, cost, and inefficiency from the procurement cycle.
EDS brings together the world’s best technologies to address critical client business imperatives. It serves the world’s leading companies and governments in 55 countries.

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