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The Hewson Group expert guide to delivering fast ROI - in association with CRM-Forum
ROI Productivity Kit £296.00
As CRM projects stall or are put on hold, the need to be able to deliver fast ROI has never been greater. This unique expert guide will enable you to create a credible and compelling Business Case for your CRM initiatives. Compiled by Wendy Hewson, who is internationally recognised for her ROI expertise, this kit will help you to:
As a CRM Consultant, Systems Integrator and Vendor :
  • Use ROI to understand clients' needs, drivers and constraints as part of a solutions sales method
  • Produce credible ROI metrics to close sales
  • Focus and shape clients' solutions to back into the strongest business case
As an organisation involved in or about to undertake a CRM project:
  • Examine the relationship between your CRM investments, implementation options and how they will impact the bottom line
  • Produce the business case and ROI metrics for your CRM projects before, during and after implementation

The ROI Productivity Kit features a unique interactive Business Case CD-ROM. Based on the acclaimed Hewson ROI Workshop, the kit includes full slides, notes from the workshop presentations plus many supporting articles, white papers, checklists etc.

ROI Productivity Kit £296.00
The kit follows the format of the CD-ROM which guides you through 5 key steps:
  • Where does the business case fit into the CRM project lifecycle? This includes a framework which enables you to identify how to amend a standard business case to reflect the way in which it will be used (e.g. to get project funding vs. proving the project has been a success)
  • Scoping the project and considering implementation approaches.
  • The Hewson Group view on the 8 current CRM technology hotspots, where the quick wins are and how to back the business case into your or your clients' business strategies.
  • Benefits: an update on latest research, assessing benefits (hard, soft, tangible and intangible) & risks. A summary of the techniques you can use is backed up by examples. This section contains a critical summary of the 5 common misunderstandings about return on investment, their impact on the business case financials and how you can use them to gain credibility with the finance people
    predicting costs: typical project costs, cost drivers, what might vary and why
  • Fine tuning the business case and using it to sell. Checklists plus advice on involving clients' finance people etc.
The four specialised Hewson Group reports in the pack are:
  • Setting the approach and scope of Customer Management Projects
  • A pre-implementation checklist for CRM success
  • A new way of presenting ROI - an adaptation of Cranfield Benefits Dependency Network
  • Making a compelling business case for CRM download it now for free!

Gain a better understanding of ROI on CRM and use this to shape the business case and give credibility to your proposals. Develop a blue print to demonstrate ROI. Win sales!

ROI Productivity Kit £296.00
Comments on the ROI Workshop and the CD-ROM
I believe the manual and CD-ROM will go a long way in shaping Enterprise Solutions' deliverables. I find value in having access to your organisation.
Stephen Wyatt, Managing Partner,
Enterprise Solutions
A simple but strong logical approach. I think the CD will be very useful, not just for ROI, but also for stimulating ideas and debate.
David Sims, Business Process Consultant,
The workshop was well-presented with an enjoyable, fun approach and good methodology, drawing on experience. There was good dialogue with other attendees, sharing ideas and experiences. A good CD, with helpful tips
David Roe, Service Manager,
Impact Plus
The most valuable element of the workshop was the fact that I could see how I could incorporate the ROI into our sales process in a simple way.
Stephen Thurston, Director,
Business Systems
There was clearly a great deal of background work that had gone into the research that was presented and it showed. The group work was an excellent approach to putting into practice some of the theory that Wendy was outlining.
Steven Jones, Professional Services Consultant,
The workshop helped me to gain a better understanding of applying ROI to CRM projects. Good structure for approaching issues that can be used as a framework for use with clients.
Simon Littlewood, Partner Relations,
ROI Productivity Kit £296.00
Overall the workshop provided a blue print to demonstrate ROI. It also confirmed my firmly held belief that CRM is far more than a product out of the box, a belief still held by far too many people, and that the only way a CRM installation is successful is when it addresses the business needs.
Julia Allen, eServices Manager,
Firstwave Technologiess
The workshop proved to be a true specialist and helped us, very proactively, in our search for a compelling business case. We were able to create, discuss and finalise a Benefit Model and ROI calculation on a CRM project in Europe
Project Leaders, Wim van der Hulst and Wijnand van Hooff,
CRM Implementation, KPMG Netherlands
I thoroughly enjoyed Wendy's style of teaching and also enjoyed the day. The workshop has given scope for a great deal of more thinking.
Gary Perkins,
Marketing Answers and Solutions
A good cross section of delegates ensured lively conversation and challenging ideas, and helped enhance the material. The material was very solid; looking at both the financial and political elements of a business case will undoubtedly add value to our proposals. Understanding how to consider and build the financial side of a business case, from the experience of a qualified accountant, who has the additional benefit of your CRM experience, will also help us significantly. Equally as valuable was the challenge to consider the building blocks of a multi-purpose ROI. Validation of some of the tools in the workshop, from a Business School as prestigious as Cranfield, can only enhance the content.
Andy Hunter, CEO,
Swallow Information Systems

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