Roving and Switchboard partner in e-mail promotions
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Thanks to a new partnership, small businesses advertising in’s yellow pages will be able to collect e-mail addresses from people who visit their websites.

Roving’s Constant Contact Opt-In Builder then helps them use that information to e-mail targeted promotions, special offers and coupons to selected individuals.

According to the Local Commerce Monitor by Kelsey & ConStat, 31% of local businesses with Internet access are sending e-mail promotions to customers, an increase of 72% since the beginning of the year.

Opt-In Builder makes it easy for small businesses to incorporate e-mail into their marketing mix. Its Wizard interface automates the creation, delivery and tracking of each campaign, enabling merchants with very little computer knowledge to execute one-to-one marketing campaigns.

“Switchboard has created a unique online meeting place for local businesses and consumers,” said Gail Goodman, chief executive officer of Roving Software.

“We are continually seeking new tools that help our merchants develop successful online businesses and communicate with consumers anywhere, over any device,” said Doug Greenlaw, chief executive officer of Switchboard.

Roving Software, based in Needham, Massachusetts, is funded by Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Commonwealth Capital Ventures, and Longworth Venture Partners.

Headquartered in Westboro, Massachusetts, Switchboard is a local merchant network connecting consumers, merchants and national advertisers. Its website, CBS, offers a range of services including yellow and white pages, e-mail and website directories, and interactive maps. Viewed 60 million times each month, it connects consumers searching for specific products with the merchants that provide them.




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