Sales and marketing tool most UK companies neglect
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Most UK businesses are unaware of how successful their websites are as a sales and marketing tool.

Research by e-business performance specialist Visual Insights into 200 UK organisations has revealed that only 5% analyse criteria such as site performance, buyer activity and the effect of marketing campaigns. Even fewer actually understand data contained within web log reports, or use it to ensure their sites better reflect surfer behaviour.

The company warns that, by judging effectiveness on gut feel rather than tangible results, businesses are unable to optimise sales and hit rates. They are also failing to maximise return on investment without amending their e-business strategy to reflect customer behaviour.

“In the majority of cases, web strategies fly in the face of tried-and-tested business principles,” said Michael Tatelman, vice-president of marketing and business development at Visual Insights. “The irony is that companies spend millions of pounds trying to understand the customer and what he/she wants, but don’t use one of the most valuable sources of information available to them. Most of these businesses could sell more, attract a higher number of visitors, or have a stickier site – but they won’t achieve any of these through blind faith and luck alone.”

“Companies with successful e-business strategies will seek continual improvement. They will review how their e-business operation is performing, determine improvements, implement changes and then review all over again,” he added.

Visual Insights was formed in 1997 to leverage 10 years of Lucent Technologies Bell Laboratories’ extensive research and development efforts in data visualisation technology. After spinning off from Lucent in 1999, Visual Insights acquired Visible Decisions, to form a data visualisation software company.

Hundreds of corporations depend on Visual Insights’ data visualisation-based solutions to get closer to their customers. Leading technology companies, including IBM, Cognos, and i2 Technologies, integrate Visual Discovery and realTime3D to enhance product offerings.

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