SAS institute announces Intelligent Warehousing Solution from Baan
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At the Baan World Users Fall Workshop, SAS Institute, a provider of integrated data warehousing and decision support, announced the early production availability of its Intelligent Warehousing Solution for Baan. 

The SAS Intelligent Warehousing Solution for Baan boasts reduction in cost and time delivering clean, concise, and reliable corporate data from Baan systems and other data sources to business users. Decision-support integration is vital for business solutions such as financial consolidation and reporting, data mining, CRM, balanced scorecard, supplier relationship management and enterprise quality improvement.

The SAS Intelligent Warehousing Solution simplifies the process of integrating Baan data and other data sources into an enterprise decision-support system, making it available for business intelligence and information discovery. For the business user, the SAS Intelligent Warehouse Solution delivers the corporate data to the user when they need it, regardless of what phase the IT department is in with their ERP implementation. Once the Baan data is placed in a decision-support architecture and combined with other corporate data, reporting and analysis can be performed using SAS products or other third-party tools. Both the Intelligent Warehousing Solution for Baan and the Baan application run on a client/server platform. The interface can run on all major UNIX and Windows operating systems including NT.

"The SAS Intelligent Warehousing Solution for Baan provides the ability to automate the extraction, transformation and loading of Baan data into a SAS (and third-party) data warehouse," said Eric Hunley, SAS Institute program manager for ERP integration technologies. "The Intelligent Warehousing Solution bridges the fundamental disconnect between OLTP and decision support systems (DSS) by linking Baan (ERP) data to business intelligence/decision support via a data warehouse. Competitive parity is now a thing of the past; organizations can begin looking for the competitive advantage and measuring their return on investment."

"SAS software was certified by the BaanCAPPS program earlier this year," said Thomas Iskandar, group manager, Baan Company. "By achieving certified status, SAS Institute has developed and demonstrated its interface with Baan Company applications. The integration between Baan ERP applications and Intelligent Warehousing Solutions for Baan provides a compelling solution for our common customers who need to connect their Baan ERP/SAS decision-support systems via data warehousing."

The Intelligent Warehousing Solution for Baan makes ERP and other information available wherever and whenever needed. It helps decision-makers turn data into knowledge on company operations, customers, competitors and global markets. It helps leverage existing investments in people and technology and ensures accurate, consistent, and reliable information-one version of the truth-regardless of its source. SAS Institute's Professional Services Division and Quality Partners provide expertise for SAS access methodology, and in Baan integration


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