Scotland gives thumbs up to call centres
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A Scottish public sector survey has indicated that more than 65% of government organisations are planning to expand call centre facilities to improve services to citizens and businesses.

A report, commissioned by the Scottish Executive and written by IT services company, CMG Admiral, has shown that a significant number of government departments plan to expand or build new centres as part of the Modernising Government programme.

Local authorities are leading the way, with many recent bids to the Scottish Executive for funding for these call centre initiatives. These positive moves suggest that the public sector is taking seriously the government’s commitment to provide more citizen-focused services.

The report, Call Centres in the Scottish Public Sector also examines the efficiency and range of services offered by existing call centres. It finds that nearly all organisations use some form of rudimentary technology to support their call centres and there is now a strong push to create ‘one stop’ call centres using technologies such as computer telephony integration (CTI) or CRM systems.

“The key principle behind our modernising government agenda is to put consumers at the centre of all public service delivery,” said Peter Peacock, deputy minister for finance and local government. “While electronic technology - such as the Internet - is opening up new ways of working for all organisations, we should not forget that call centres offer a convenient and familiar way of accessing information and services.”

The Scottish Executive held a call centre seminar on October 22 to discuss best practice in the industry. CMG Admiral presented its report in more detail at the event.

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