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The customer experience specialist, Eyretel, has introduced new capability for call centres that enables management to analyse customer calls using natural language speech recognition technology.

The speech recognition capability combines content mining of customer contact warehouses with data visualisation techniques, enabling businesses to identify and replay significant points within customer contacts. It may be used, for example, to detect calls where a customer is talking over the agent, indicating an angry caller and a heated conversation.

Replaying these calls allows management to gain rapid feedback about where and why their organisation is failing to satisfy its customers.

Companies will be able to identify key words in a dialogue, such as competitor product names, as well as those interactions with frequent interruptions, uncomfortably long pauses in conversations and other significant characteristics.

Eyretel marketing VP Nathan George said: "Identifying at what point in the conversation people mention specific groups of words or phrases, say product names or words like "price" and "service", enables contact centre management to establish the nature of the call and more importantly, those calls which contain business insight.

About Eyretel:
Eyretel develops systems that allow the complete recording and analysis of all electronic customer communication and interaction, including telephone calls, e-mail, web chat, agent assisted web browsing and desktop computer activity in both traditional and IP environments. Headquartered in Leatherhead in the UK, Eyretel also has offices in the United States, mainland Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Shanghai, Australia and Brazil.


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