Siebel goes beyond the Palin

10th Sep 2008

Now here's a match that's made in hell. Sarah Palin – the scary right wing, fundamentalist, moose-shooting vice presidential candidate - is hosting a lunch fundraiser at the home of Siebel Systems founder Tom Siebel on 25th September.

According to the invitation (you mean you haven't had one?!?), the Siebel lunch "will be the perfect and probably only opportunity to meet and visit with her before the November election."

If you're right wing enough to want to mix with this crowd, your moose burger and fries will cost you. To attend a private host reception before lunch requires a commitment to raise $50,000, and includes three photo opportunities with Palin, two seats at the head lunch table and a table for 10 with priority seating.

If that's beyond your means, individual tickets to lunch will set you back $1,000 per person while for a mere $2,500, donors get lunch and – be still your beating heart! - a McCain 2008 lapel pin.

Personally I'd rather stick a lapel pin in my eyeball than sup with the self-styled pitbull and her chums. Still, it won't be doing Tom's chances of running as governor for Montana any harm at all, should he have any ambitions in that direction.


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By dengel
11th Sep 2008 15:08

If you want to write a news story, please do so. If you want to write an opinion piece slamming the other party, please find another venue. We heard nothing but praise for Obama using CRM, but we get this when dealing with his opponents? I would be embarassed.

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By Stuart Lauchlan
11th Sep 2008 17:17

...but a somewhat tongue in cheek opinion piece on a blog that sometimes touches on news items, sometimes on personal experience and sometimes just on flippant observation.

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