Siebel helps add a bit of spice to UK Post Office
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The UK Post Office is to standardize its customer-facing operations on Siebel eBusiness applications. A single customer information management system will enable sales, customer service and marketing teams to work together seamlessly.

Delivering 80 million items a day to 239 countries, the Post Office (PO) is the leading global delivery company and one of the UK’s leading businesses, employing 200,000 people and generating annual revenues in excess of $10 billion. In addition to core services such as mail and parcel delivery and retail transactions, the PO is expanding into markets such as logistics and contract distribution, electronic services and retail services, such as payment of welfare benefits on behalf of banks.

Sales and service staff handle mail and parcel delivery for more than 95% of the UK’s businesses. To manage millions of customers’ activities, the PO has relied on more than 100 disparate customer and product systems to store records and information.

The ‘Spice’ initiative (securing the Post Office’s integrated communications environment) will address these issues by standardizing customer-facing operations on Siebel eBusiness applications.

Initially, more than 1,200 PO sales and service staff will use Siebel to record all customer interactions. Sales staff will initiate customer histories from first contact, and design products and services to customers’ industry requirements.

Using up-to-date information, marketing teams will be able to develop more precise customer profiles and focused campaigns. By creating a single customer information management system, the PO will ultimately be able to provide a better service, and improve customer satisfaction.

“By helping us understand customer relationships, anticipate technological developments and identify new product and service opportunities, Siebel Systems will play a key role in our long-term strategy to become a global distribution company,” said Jean Irvine, Spice program director for the Post Office.

“We expect that the first stage of Spice will be completed quickly, because Siebel software is ready to integrate with our back-office applications,” said Irvine. “It should speed the second phase of deployment, as well.”

Siebel Systems provides an integrated family of eBusiness applications software enabling multichannel sales, marketing and customer service systems to be deployed over the web, call centers, field, reseller channels, retail and dealer networks. Siebel Systems’ sales and service facilities are located in more than 28 countries.



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