Siebel rated first in Forrester’s May TechRankings
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Siebel eBusiness Applications rank first in the Forrester Research eBusiness TechRankings of customer service applications, as of May 17, 2001. The applications that underwent laboratory-based product testing and assessment on more than 100 attributes were Call Center, eService, eMail Response, and eChannel.

Forrester Research defines a customer service application as “software that helps people get service from suppliers, employers, or other partners, with or without human assistance.”

TechRankings, which is updated monthly to reflect changing trends and advancements in the technology industry, contains detailed, objective research to help companies select and implement the best technology for their eBusiness initiatives.

eBusiness TechRankings’ continuous research combines product testing results and market analysis to help firms understand technology markets, improve product selection, and gauge implementation costs and effort.

Siebel eBusiness Applications rank first place among customer service applications based on performance architecture, reliability, security and management, integration, momentum, customer support, and cost.

In particular, Forrester notes, “The [Siebel Systems] customer service product components share a common data model, tools, and administrative interface. A key strength of the product is its integration with third-party applications like ERP. In addition, many adapters to third-party applications – from ERP systems to EAI software – are available.”

About Siebel Systems
Siebel provides an integrated family of eBusiness application software enabling multichannel sales, marketing and customer service systems to be deployed over the web, call centers, field, reseller channels, retail and dealer networks. Siebel Systems’ sales and service facilities are located in more than 37 countries.


About TechRankings
The eBusiness TechRankings methodology is open, rigorous, and unbiased. It combines the results of hands-on lab tests, strategic market analysis, and in-depth research into the needs of technology users. Forrester does not charge vendors in any way to participate in TechRankings, and it tests and analyzes all products with Doculabs, Inc. ( in a given category using identical, publicly available criteria.
Forrester extensively checks and verifies results and updates the research and rankings monthly. Any vendor wishing to be ranked should contact the TechRankings research team at [email protected].



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