Siebel tackles terrorism
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The latest weapon in George Bush’s war against the ‘axis of evil’ is to be Siebel. Apparently the company began revamping its CRM software in the days after Septemebr 11th and is now ready to sell it to the FBI and the CIA to track terrorists rather than customers. "We have been heads-down since September" revising the software, said CEO Tom Siebel.

While details of exactly how this manifests itself as products, the company has begun pitching its wares as homeland-security solutions. According to those in the know, the Siebel software will allow FB agents chasing a terrorist to pull together information gathered by the CIA or other government agencies. (It might be felt that this is the sort of basic cross matching that should be possible given all that investment in database and data warehousing technology over the years.)

Meanwhile Siebel has followed up its targeting of the healthcare vertical market by launching a module aimed at the government sector: eGovernment 7. As with its other industry apps, in eGovernment 7 the company has incorporated processes that are specific to the work flow and client interactions of the sector, in this case entitlements management, tax and revenue management, enforcement and compliance, health care services, logistics management, and recruiting, training and education.

Siebel eGovernment has more than 50 public sector and nonprofit clients around the world.


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15th Feb 2002 14:45

The city of Tucson Arizona police department implemented a system that would check available federal systems for background information on suspects. As a result of the system, routine traffic stops and other events often led to the arrest of persons wanted on other charges in other areas of the country.

This was accomplished in the late '80s. Using today's technology far more could be accomplished - including the prevention of terrorist activities.

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