Siebel tap into SAP

20th Jul 1999

Software giant Siebel Systems have launched a new out-of-the-box integration package for SAP R/3 users.

The company claims the new Siebel Enterprise Connector can provide seamless integration between Siebel's own Web-based front office software and the SAP R/3 package.

And Siebel is hailing the new package as the first flexible, pre-built front and back office integration system on the market.

Siebel senior vice president David Schmaier said the Enterprise package would provide a solution for companies looking to improve integration between their front and back offices.

"Siebel Systems is the first to deliver true integration between front office applications and SAP R/3," he claimed.

"Our overarching strategy is to make it easy and cost effective for customers to share information across their organisation - between the front office, back office and even custom-built solutions."

Delivering pre-defined mapping between Siebel front office data and SAP R/3 data, Siebel say that the Enterprise will allow companies to quickly build up a two way, real time system integration.

And clients can even customise the data mapping between front and back offices - ensuring simple and comprehensive integration whatever the peculiarities of their own in house systems.

The system also lets laptop users access SAP R/3 data remotely, through Siebel's patented synchronisation technology.

That means that Siebel users can now create a quote for a prospect or a customer from their laptop, then log on to the network and send the quote to the R/13 system for confirmation.

Chemical products manufacturer State Industrial Products are one of the first companies to run the new system.

CIO Alan Langhals said the Siebel system was chosen on the back of its flexibility and ease of use.

"When we evaluated the underlying architectures of many front office and back office vendors we found that their products are still based on proprietary technologies that make seamless integration nearly impossible," he said.

"Siebel Systems quickly demonstrated that they have a truly open, Web-based architecture based on industry standards," he added.


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