Social media campaign spawns new Marmite spread

3rd Mar 2010

Still looking for ways to get value from social channels? Then take note! Unilever has successfully used a social media campaign to help market test and launch a new product in the shape of Marmite XO.

Marmite XO is an 'extra mature, extra strong' version of the manufacturer’s yeast spread, which is known for its 'Love it or Hate it' brand positioning and is set to go on sale to the general public imminently.

Tom Denyard, marketing manager for Marmite, said: "With a creative conceit that intrigued and excited at every turn, we gained access to and then built relationships with our most devoted and vocal fans, working with them to ensure that we’d product a product that they would both love and recommend."

A small group of devoted fans and bloggers dubbed the 'First Circle' was initially recruited by social media agency We Are Social, but was subsequently expanded to include about 200 'Marmarati' or superfans.

People were asked to prove their love of Marmite by uploading content such as a film or poem to dedicated web site and the best entries were voted on by the general public.

The winners joined the ‘Second Circle’ and the Marmarati were all asked to test the prototype new spread after being given two jars of XO – one to taste and a second handmade wax-sealed commemorative collectors’ jar to keep.

Members were instructed to recite the Marmarati Oath and to record videos of the tasting, which are now being uploaded to the site. Providers of the best contributions will receive a lifetime supply of Marmite and a trip to the Marmarati Inner Sanctum, accompanied by Marmarati leaders.

Unilever now plans to create bespoke social networks across all of its brands and such activity was believed to be behind its recent advertising campaign for the Lynx Twist fragrance.

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