SpeechWorks bids $12.2m for L&H speech technology

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If the bid is accepted, the company would support several L&H technologies and continue to operate an engineering center in Belgium.

L&H filed for bankruptcy in the United States late last year, and is currently pursuing similar protection in the courts of Belgium. SpeechWorks’ offer is subject to closing conditions and to all applicable bankruptcy procedures.

If approved by judges in the United States and Belgium, where L&H is based, the deal could provide cutting-edge technology for SpeechWorks, which has more than 350 customers for its interactive speech systems.

L&H has sold off several units including its automated language-translation software business. Connecticut-based Dictaphone, which L&H acquired last year, is to become an independent company again.

About SpeechWorks
Through SpeechWorks technologies, the human voice is all a caller needs to get information and conduct transactions from any phone. With over 100 partners, the company delivers natural language speech recognition, speaker verification and text-to-speech solutions to leading corporations, telecommunications providers and government organizations worldwide.


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