Spelling IT out: China makes IT a must in all schools

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China has become extremely serious about strengthening the country’s information technology foundation and is putting this determination into action. Starting in the next school year, IT will be compulsory at all Chinese senior high schools.

IT will be included in senior high school graduation exams, and the entrance exams of higher-education institutions, according to an article in the Yangtze Evening Post.

Junior high schools in the cities will institute a compulsory IT course in the fall semester of 2001, according to the article. By the fall of 2003, it will encompass students in the first grade upwards at junior high schools in economically developed regions. At junior high schools in poorer areas, students in grade one upwards will start the course by the fall of 2005, at the latest.

The plan suggests that IT courses for elementary students should begin in the third or fourth grade and total no fewer than 68 class hours in China’s nine-year compulsory education system. That will also mean 68 hours for junior high schools students, and 70 to 140 hours for senior high school students. Students will spend at least 70 per cent of that time in the lab, says the Evening Post.



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