StayinFront lives up to its name with Visual Elk
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StayinFront has introduced what it describes as a revolutionary new CRM solution that incorporates a number of industry ‘firsts’. Visual Elk 9.0 offers an inexpensive, flexible system to deliver information wherever it’s needed in an organization, regardless of systems currently installed.

This is the first-ever CRM system to offer 100 per cent component delivery, allowing the solution to be embedded in virtually any application and reach all areas of the corporation. It is also the only solution available that supports a true object-oriented data store, broadening the types of business problems that may be supported. In addition, Visual Elk 9.0 uses the Unified Modeling Language (UML) to model business processes without costly and time-consuming programming code. UML is rapidly becoming the industry standard for building object-oriented business models.

“CRM systems are delivering powerful benefits to businesses by gathering extensive knowledge of their customers and compiling comprehensive databases containing that information,” said StayinFront CTO Tony Bullen. “However, a major problem facing many organizations has been how to make the customer information available to users throughout the business who would likely be using a wide variety of diverse systems. Visual Elk 9.0, using the powerful Active Elk engine makes that information available to any system in the enterprise,” Bullen explained. 

Visual Elk 9.0 allows the CRM system to be delivered in components that may be embedded in corporate applications such as order entry, pricing, and inventory systems, among others, as well as in all components of an ERP system. This extends the benefits of CRM beyond the traditional sales and marketing automation, customer service, and call center functions. 

“For those corporations that have invested in object-oriented technology and object-oriented modeling, Visual Elk 9.0 is the only CRM tool that actually delivers the desired results,” said Bullen. 
The Active Elk engine as the unique built-in capability of connecting to a wide range of data stores, including virtually all of the market-leading relational databases. It can also seamlessly incorporate multiple databases into a single system, and allow the user to design object classes based on existing tables in a relational database. These features enable the implementation of CRM systems that can dynamically incorporate information from existing database applications.

Visual Elk 9.0’s multi-tier architecture allows the system to run on any type of processor configuration, ranging from a multiple CPU server to a notebook PC or a handheld CE machine. In addition, the solution provides the highest possible security, enabling the user to control access to every element of data, and every element of the model, down to the field level.

“The bottom line is that Visual Elk 9.0 delivers a highly relevant and flexible system that that can be deployed quickly, inexpensively, and without disrupting a company’s business processes. And cost of ownership will be significantly lower than competing CRM systems because Visual Elk’s architecture permits the system to be easily modified,” Bullen said.

StayinFront was created by the merger of two Redi-Direct companies: The Great Elk Company and WindSoft. The organization combines Great Elk’s technology with WindSoft’s implementation and support structure, creating a major competitor in the global CRM marketplace. StayinFront’s family of products includes Panorama, a powerful data analysis and decision support tool; Web Works, a web-enabled CRM solution; and two new offerings including Elk Traveler, a fully-featured CRM solution for Palm Pilot organizers, and Pocket Elk, a fully-featured CRM system for Windows CE-based devices. 
Headquartered in Fairfield, New Jersey, StayinFront has offices in Illinois, Georgia, Texas, California, Maine, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand. 


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