Superior Bank decides on Decision Manager to power car loans
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Superior Bank is expanding its use of Capstone Decision Manager after successfully employing the system for the last two years to automate the mortgage-lending decision processes.

“We look forward to continuing its use to decision our auto loan products,” said Craig Nazzaro, Superior’s chief credit officer. “Decision Manager will continue to be our platform of choice as we expand our loan business, increase our volumes, and explore new product delivery channels such as the Internet.”

With its scalable architecture, Decision Manager can improve the efficiency and consistency of the lending process. The system enables lenders to incorporate user-defined rules, traditional scorecards, and predictive software models to automate the approval process for loans, provide a customized decision support platform to assist underwriters, and manage the workflow for processing applications.

“With Decision Manager’s flexible decision logic, our credit risk management personnel can easily configure credit classifications, products, calculations, rules, and rules bases as required,” said Ed Alverez, Superior Bank’s senior vice president. “This capability has allowed us to provide prompt service to our direct customers and our broker and banker customers.”

“Superior Bank has been at the forefront of identifying consumer finance needs by employing the latest technology and innovative lending and servicing techniques,” said Michelle Macartney, group vice president for HNC Financial Solutions.

Superior Bank FSB’s Auto Division specializes in non-prime financing for new and used cars throughout the United States. The company operates in over 34 states with a credit staff serving more than 2,000 dealerships.

HNC Financial Solutions’ suite of real-time decision platforms and predictive business solutions allows firms to automate new account decisioning, optimize marketing efforts, detect fraud, predict profitability, and manage the customer life-cycle.

Headquartered in San Diego, California, HNC Software provides predictive software solutions for the financial, insurance, telecommunications, and e-commerce service industries.



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09th Jun 2016 09:13

Of course with such great results of the system on their existing platform, it makes sense to expand the use of the program for the rest of its departments handling the same finance elements. It's just good economical sense of course. And when you're talking about a whole bank network, you had better make sure that there's a backup to the system though. Teething issues of implementing a technical system, especially in an environment people's accounts can be affected, will abound!

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