Superoffice goes for Swedish CRM
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Norwegian CRM software company, SuperOffice ASA, has made an offer to purchase Swedish CRM software specialist Caesar Business Systems AB.  The board of Caesar unanimously supports the offer which constitutes an issue of 3,350,000 SuperOffice shares to the shareholders of Caesar.

The combined company has state-of-the-art CRM and corporate portal solutions for the B2B market. Over the next 12-24 months, the company will coordinate the two product lines to form a new generation CRM solution, scaling from medium-sized to larger organisations.  In a new development for the company, the products including the corporate portal are going to be sold and implemented through VARs as well as direct.

Caesar is the fourth purchase for SuperOffice within the last 12 months.  In March 1999, the company acquired Radar Software AS, one of its rivals in the Norwegian market.  Late last year the company purchased German contact management software business CAB GmbH and Norwegian Intranet company Interact AS.  With 210,000 users globally, including over 3,500 customers in the UK alone, SuperOffice claims to be the most widely used CRM tool in the marketplace.

Headquartered in Gothenburg, with local offices in Stockholm, Malmö and Oslo, Caesar offers professional solutions and services to medium-sized and large organizations. The company has 500 corporate customers with 25,000 licenses across 60 countries.

UK managing director, Robert Hernandez, said: “The combined company will definitely become the market leader in the European CRM market. The two companies are highly synergistic, with totally complementary products lines.

“We both offer 100 per cent web-based CRM solutions. Where SuperOffice is extremely strong in the 10-250-user segment, providing a horizontal front-end to users across every department of an organisation. In contrast Caesar’s solutions are strong in the upper end of the medium and larger B2B companies – in the range from 25-1000 users.

Both companies have growing relationships with Microsoft. SuperOffice’s recent agreement with Microsoft has already increased market awareness and recruited a number of  partners for its indirect sales channel.

SuperOffice in 1999 made £9.1m, with a pre-tax profit of £0.9m. Caesar made £5.1m with a break-even result.

In 1991 Caesar Business Systems introduced a sales and marketing system for Microsoft Windows. Since then it has installed CRM-solutions in more than 500 companies and the company currently has over 25.000 users worldwide. Caesar systems are used in all industries and by several different groups of users, such as sales representatives, project managers, service and support personnel, market assistants, sales and marketing managers, and other management.

 SuperOffice solutions are delivered in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, UK, Benelux, Spain, Czech Republic, USA and Japan. The company’s UK headquarters is at Hayley House, London Road, Bracknell, Berks, RG12 2UU.   

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