Survey shows 40 per cent of network failures due to power or ‘pilot error’
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A survey of 200,000 users by Vanco, the independent managed network service provider, has revealed that the majority of network downtime is caused by users.

Contrary to popular belief, only 15-20 per cent of problems can be put down to technical or equipment. The rest are caused by line failure or by users disrupting the network through mistakes and trying to resolve problems beyond their technical competence. 
To help minimize the disruption, Vanco is launching a hotline to help with emergency network failures.

"We produce monthly reports on the reasons for network failure," said Vanco CEO Allen Timpany. “Over the last six months, it has become clear that a lot of downtime can be avoided if users are trained better. Our hotline is there as a safety mechanism for unforeseen disasters, but the best solution is for users and the IT department to work more closely together to eliminate the pilot error factor."

The results of the survey also highlight that despite the digital age, the number of line errors has not decreased. The average reliability of connections has remained static, because technical changes from analogue to digital have had little impact on where the failures actually occur.

"Over the past 10 years the reliability of circuits really hasn’t changed, which is surprising given the amount of innovation in the telecoms field. This is because the majority of failures are to do with human intervention and physical factors such as the underground ducts. This is another key factor in network downtime that must be addressed if the electronic age is to become a reality," he added.

• Any company experiencing a network failure can call Vanco’s hotline on 020 8380 1164


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