Survey shows UK web sites spiralling out of control
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The number of business web sites in the UK is increasing at such a rate that companies are fighting a losing battle to manage them. In a survey* conducted by web content specialist Tridion, 41% of UK corporates with a turnover of more than $110 million admit their web sites are out of control.

The number of sites owned by any one organisation ranged from two to 400, with the average being 17. However, 38% of those questioned could not state how many they had in total across the company. In fact, two employees of the same large oil company gave totally conflicting answers; one responded 200 while the other said 85.

Tridion believes these sites will fail to provide maximum return on investment if they are not consistent in terms of brand, relevance and up-to-date information.

“While its encouraging that businesses have embraced the Internet so whole-heartedly, they must look hard at what purpose each of these sites is serving,” said Alun Cope-Morgan, managing director at Tridion UK. “Evidently, the number of web sites these organisations are now having to manage poses a serious challenge for maintaining consistency and relevance.”

* The research was conducted by Dynamic Markets Limited on behalf of Tridion.

About Tridion
Tridion is a leading European provider of XML-based web content management software, headquartered in Amsterdam with offices in Barcelona, Brussels, Bracknell, Munich, Paris, Stockholm and Zurich. Customers include ADAC, Akzo Nobel, AXA, Blackwell Publishers, Carrefour, GE Access, ING Real Estate, Intergamma, KLM, Open University, PGGM, Puratos, Scania, Smurfit Communications, Virgin Money and Wolters Kluwer.



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