The end of B2B doom and gloom is in sight
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B2B, the subject of recent gloomy predictions, stands poised for a dramatic rebirth. Clearly, the euphoric rise in the number of e-marketplaces has peaked – at least in the US, where the number teeters at 1,275.

Deloitte Consulting, however, sees a new genesis for B2B. The firm has defined the new models that will arise in the next 24 months, the strategies they will use to succeed, and the results that they can expect.

“The past year has been tremendously difficult for e-marketplaces and member companies. We see a light at the end of the tunnel,” said John Ferreira of Deloitte’s B2B practice. “In the next 24 months, many B2B participants will enjoy rocketing success. This success will not belong to those who were first-to-market, but to those who adopt the new business models.”

In its new research, ‘The Future of B2B: A New Genesis’, Deloitte identifies a number of these winning models and strategies for e-marketplaces: participation in exchange-to-exchange networks, e-marketplace niche specialization, implementation of process, data and technology standards. The development of B2B portfolio solutions, participation in private verticals, and re-optimization – companies that can leverage these approaches will realize the full initial promise of B2B – greater efficiency, speed and significantly enhanced capabilities.

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu serves nearly one-fifth of the world’s largest companies as well as large national enterprises, public institutions, and successful fast-growing companies.

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